COVID-19 has made our home routines pretty mundane. Your bedroom routine doesn't have to be.

Be Your Own Aphrodisiac

Essential oil-infused lingerie that elevates your game.

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Every body has the right to feel playful.

Essential Oil-Infused

All of our products are gently and safely infused with ingredients that are free of heavy metals and known carcinogens. They are as safe as having a bubble bath!

Sensual Comfort

Each style is crafted with a microfiber and spandex blend, resulting in soft, moisture-wicking fabric that is perfect for every occasion.

Made For You

Our alluring underwear and scent options in sizes S to XXL fit a woman's style and natural shape. Inspire your own confidence by enhancing your most intimate pieces.


Show Your Cheeks Some Love

We’re breaking the standards of what lingerie was thought to be by invigorating the senses in ways never imagined before. Simply choose the style and scent that will help you feel your most confident.

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The Bikini

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The Culotte

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The G-String (2-pack)

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The Scents

Appeal To Another Sense

Lingerie, as we know it, appeals to two powerful senses: sight and touch. But we believe there is so much more that your lingerie can offer. That’s why we’ve added the element of scent, a sense that, when applied to your intimates, can intensify emotions in any situation. Just try it then ask your partner...

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