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Effleure box and scented culotte
Effleure Scented Culotte
Effleure scented culotte and box
Effleure scented culotte - zoom call
Effleure scented culotte - rise and shine
Effleure scented culotte - all sizes
Effleure Scented Culotte
Effleure lingerie scents
Opening an Effleure box

The Scented Culotte

Who says you need a special occasion for a little lace? The culotte’s delicate design merges grace, style, and confidence, all wrapped in this sensually elegant fabric. Made of a soft nylon and spandex blend, the lacy culotte shows just the right amount of cheek.  Simply choose the scent and size that will help you feel your most confident.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: lightly hand wash with unscented detergent, hang to dry or air tumble dry.  DO NOT MACHINE WASH. Store in Effleure box when not in use.


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How are essential oils revolutionizing how we see (and smell) lingerie?

Essential oils are readily accepted in the beauty and skincare industry — why not incorporate them into a woman’s top drawer?

Effleure’s Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla, Black Coconut, and Lavender scents will retain their strength and last through multiple washes. Not to worry — all of our ingredients are free of heavy metals and known carcinogens.

Our special packaging even smells good! Each product comes with its own environmentally-friendly cardboard box for storage, to reinforce your pair’s scent and keep it as strong as when purchased.  We also ship all products in compostable mailers.

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At Effleure, we have done our best to accurately describe the scents, styles and fit so that you can confidently place an order knowing what scent-sual experience awaits. For hygiene and health reasons, all underwear is final sale.

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