Effleure Scented Bikini - Tree Pose
Effleure Scented Bikini
Effleure scented bikini and box
Effleure Scented Bikini
Effleure box and scented bikini
Effleure lingerie scents
Effleure lingerie box

The Scented Bikini

A classic design never goes out of style. Our scented Bikini is perfect for elevating your game. Made of a light microfiber and spandex blend, the Bikini promises to be comfortable and smooth, while the stylish, retro cut keeps things interesting. Simply choose the scent and size that will help you spice up your foreplay.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: lightly hand wash with unscented detergent, hang to dry or air tumble dry.  DO NOT MACHINE WASH. Store in Effleure box when not in use.

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