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Women's Sensuality Needs to Be Celebrated, Not Criticized

I can't figure out why but women often feel guilty when they choose to prioritize their sensuality over, say, sensibility.  As in, "I would rather wear this beautiful lingerie set than my period panties but I should really save it for a special occasion because I don't need to be focusing on myself today" (So sad to hear. ANY occasion is good enough to wear beautiful underwear. Trust me.)

Because of this misperception and discomfort about their sensuality, many women don't really know how to tap into one of their finest features, delicate and powerful all at once.  There are ways to rediscover your sensuality and enjoy it in all its glory...using the allure of scent for example (eg wearing our scented lingerie!).

Sensuality means being completely aware and in touch with your senses.  Absorbing your experiences and surroundings.  Sight, touch, smell, taste…being stimulated by your senses and allowing the sensations to linger for your pure pleasure.

Sensuality is such a powerful aura to have, a way of carrying oneself that is neither sexual nor hardline feminist.  There’s a softness about sensuality that is both delicate and strong, like a silkworm’s thread.  And so feminine.  Women exuding sensuality appear confident and attractive.

Every woman has a sensual side to her.  When we tap into it, great things happen.  But it’s so elusive, it can be overlooked if we’re in a hurry.  So take the time to absorb what your senses are experiencing…don’t rush through it.

Please note: the terms sensuality and sexuality are not interchangeable.  While sexuality can be seen as an outward display of body flaunting, even lewdness, with sex as the objective, sensuality comes more subtly from the inside, it's a way of carrying oneself that's neither brash and in-your-face nor stiff and frigid.

I will paraphrase Dita Von Teese who famously said: "Lingerie is not about seducing men, it's about embracing women's sensuality."

So I urge you to discover and prioritize your sensual side for you first.  You owe yourself that pleasure.