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Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs

Last month, I attended my first Curve Connect intimate apparel trade show. I was finally able to showcase Effleure to lingerie buyers and boutique owners, the majority of whom are women. What I took away from the show was some great new wholesale accounts as well as inspiration from some fabulous women to continue to give it my all to make Effleure a success.

A few key US-based online retailers are now carrying Effleure. First off Vienne Milano (VienneMilano.com), an online boutique specializing in luxury yet affordable hosiery, is currently featuring our lace culotte in Lavender and will slowly drip out the rest of the collection. We collaborated with Dayo Women (dayowomen.com), a stylish and sophisticated loungewear brand, for a fun Halloween goodie bag featuring all things chocolate, including our scented g-string and bikini. And about-to-launch website Lounge With Us are offering our lingerie in French Vanilla, Lavender and Black Coconut. So we have our bases covered!

The best part about selling Effleure to intimate apparel businesses is getting to know the women and learning from them. Each one has her own unique story and many amazing ideas. And we all want the same thing: for women to feel sensual and confident in their own skin. 

Vienne Cheung Brown, the woman behind Vienne Milano, suggested I write this blog. She is smart, organized and great at marketing her brand…although I’ve yet to try her products, her informative website is the go-to resource for quality Made In Italy hosiery at attainable prices. Her thigh-high collection is vast and covers all bases!

Last week I did my first IG Live with Yolanda White, founder and designer of Dayo Women (it was so much fun!). She has cleverly put together Halloween costumes with her luxury loungewear pieces - the result is incredible! Her styles are elegant and luxurious, and Yolanda is a talented, powerful brand builder. I look forward to more collaborations with her.

I can’t wait to further develop my relationships with the amazing female entrepreneurs behind all these intimate apparel brands. It’s so important for women to support each other in business and in life, now more than ever!